Toby J Rathjen (born January 12th 2001) is an autistic manchild monkey living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He is currently living his shitty life in his parents house whining about how he's getting dislikes. Rather more normal people who happen to encounter Toby J Rathjen's cancerous hellhole of a channel would manage to call out Toby J Rathjen on his incompetency. The Content Toby J Rathjen posts isn't your average autistic cancer that most autistic manchildren would post out. His content is a lot worse than what you'd expect. Toby J Rathjen is on a new level of autism, Autistic enough to be considered the definition of Pure Autism. Toby J Rathjen's content is incomprehensibly bad, Everything he's manage to put out would make even the most optimistic people in life have a desire to drink bleach and commit suicide. His content is enough to give people a whole new appreciation Top it off with the fact the Toby J Rathjen is 16 year old. Yes, This is no freak-in joke. A 16 year old making content that can be done better by a 5 year old.

His Early Life Edit

Toby Gay Fatjen was Born on January 12, 2001. Being diagnosed with autism in 2002 or 2003, He spent much of his shitty childhood as an autistic faggot. Toby J Rathjen later discovers the cancerous gaming company known as Nintendo and he gets aroused by it, This along with many others things leads him to become an autistic fatass just like 03bgood, Mathew Davis, and Chris-Chan.

Toby's *New* House Tour (REUPLOAD)

Toby's *New* House Tour (REUPLOAD)

His house tour. His mother makes an appearance.

His life on Youtube Edit

Since September 2014. Toby cause another cancer on the youtube platform.

Round 1 Edit

His first channel that had 100 Subscribers before being hacked in Early March 2016. He has several substantial view drops in certain time periods.

Round 2 Edit

When the first tumor is removed off youtube. That fatass monkey spawns another tumor later rightfully being hacked days later.

Round 3 Edit

After being hacked by The Internet Ranter again and rightfully so with his phone data being fucked. Toby spawns not only one. But two of his tumors on March 9, 2017. His official and his gaming channel. His Official for really stupid shit and his Gaming channel for horrendous gameplay videos. On March 15, 2017. Toby J Rathjen started false flagging videos with his first victim being BetterSkatez after he made the video "Toby J Rathjen at the Edmonton Valley Zoo"

Round 4 Edit

March was coming to a close. Toby J Rathjen gotten hacked on his official channel by The Internet Ranter. Toby J Rathjen wakes up to find himself hacked, He sadly gained access to his account but later things get better as Toby J Rathjen continuously gets hacked to the point where he was completely locked out of it after The Internet Ranter put his phone number on that account. Toby J Rathjen once again launched another atrocious channel. His gaming channel was hacked days later. After rightfully getting 2 community guidelines strikes after posting some fucked up shit on the internet including links to Splatoon porn. He spawns another tumor and later calls it The Splatoon Fan where on that channel has posted the worst the Toby has shat out. Videos of his amiibo's covered in his cum which he calls white ink. Which he started obviously enough with Splatoon amiibos. Any normal person would consider this disgusting and fucked up. Luckily the channel with such fucked up content was hacked later which resorts him to use his account that has the 2 strikes which was later terminated by BetterSkatez in April 27, 2017.

Round 5 Edit

This faggot never fucking leaves. He spawns yet again. Another tumor. During his first few days. He rightfully gets 2 strikes on that video threatening to stab his haters. It was terminated again later on in May.

Round 6 Edit

Again?! Are you fucking kidding me? Toby J Rathjen spawns yet again. Another shitty channel titled "Toby J Rathjen Official 2" . Unlike the other rounds. When he got 2 community guidelines strike. He's never posted for 2 weeks and it was later terminated on July 9, 2017.

Round 7 Edit

Why does this faggot keep coming back?! He started off spawning a tumor called "Toby J Rathjen Official 3" and then later uses another "Toby J Rathjen Official 2" account created in late May. Yet again posting fucking horrendous and severely autistic videos on youtube., and he Changed his Username to "Splat Toby" back in Around July 2017, His channel was terminated in the Early hours on August 5, 2017 (MDT) by Anti King Warrior ATP aka. XExtras 1996.

Round 8 Edit

Are you fucking kidding me? Why the fuck does this fatass keep coming back? And he came back as The Same Username of his 7th Account that got terminated which is called "Splat Toby". but with a different account, Back then This account was Splat Toby/Toby J Rathjen Sucks back in Late July 2017 but Toby hacked it like a retarded monkey back in August 6th 2017, He spawned another tumor less than 3 hours after his last tumor was fucked. Luckily his channel gotten terminated on August 23, 2017 and so far he's never come back. Thank god.

Round 9 Edit

Oh My God! Why does this monkey keep coming back? he spawned another tumor called "Splat Toby Returns" with Another Account after 2 days of his termination.