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This article is a transcript May Kills Bubble Guppies And Gets Ungrounded is a List of GoAnimate Videos Created By Oeboinez which aired on January 21, 2015.

Living Room Watching TV Edit

  • May: I'm going to watch Nick
  • Male Announcer: Coming up next! It's Bubble Guppies! On Nick Jr. (While THX logo plays)
  • May: Man. I Hate This Show. More Than Dora. Hey! I know. I'll Kill The Bubble Guppies

Nick Jr. Headquarters Edit

  • Oona: Hi I'm Oona
  • Goby: I'm Goby
  • Molly: I'm Molly
  • Gil: I'm Gil
  • Nonny: I'm Nonny
  • Deema: I'm Deena and we are the Bubble Guppies! So. What's your name?
  • May: My Name is May! I'm a Pokémon Trainer. So now You are going to Die!
  • May: Yay! I finally killed The Bubble Guppies

Living Room Watching TV (again) Edit