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May (Pokémon)
May (Oeboinez)
In the Oeboinez Series


May 23, 1993 (age 23)
Olivine City, Johto


Fami chan, Misty, Popeye,


Devious Diesel, James, Jessie, Johnny Test, Meowth


Caroline (mother)
Norman (father)
Max (brother)

May (Haruka in Japanese) (May 23, 1993) is a Non-Troublemaker who is Well-Behaved and sweet cosmetic girl

Early life Edit

On May 23, 1993 She was born in a Hospital in Olivine City, Johto Norman was caught by the Police for speeding during Caroline freaking out after when her water broke

On August 15, 2003 Her family moved to Petalburg City

In the Oeboinez Series Edit

This is Oeboinez's Favorite Pokémon Trainer in the Anime

She made her first debut on Which One Of These Girls Are Better standing beside Dawn & Jessie which is a Choice Video

She made her second debut on New Grounded Series Being Planned standing beside Oeboinez & Harry The Bunny which is a Planning Grounded Series

She made her third debut on Johnny Beats Up Misty And Gets Grounded May & Dawn sees Misty getting beaten up by Johnny Test than May said "Johnny Test! How dare you beaten up our friend Misty" than Dawn calls his Parents and his Dad grounds him

She made her fourth debut on Me And May Gets Plastic Surgery For Christmas standing beside Dawn & Jessie which is a Choice Video

She made her fifth debut on May Kills Bubble Guppies And Gets Ungrounded which she killed the cast and she got ungrounded

She made her sixth debut on MC2002 OWN SFTB TPNG VGCP Rants #3 Bubble Guppies which she hates that show

In the CAFTW FBLYD2000 Series Edit

She made her first debut on GoAnimate for School - Welcome to my Channel!!!!! standing beside CAFTW FBLYD2000, Fami chan & Popeye which is a Video

She made her second debut on me, Fami chan, Popeye, and May Kill Wander Over Yonder UTTP standing beside CAFTW FBLYD2000, Fami chan & Popeye she ran into the living room and killed that user


Ruby/Sapphire/Advanced GenerationEdit

Emerald/Diamond & PearlEdit


Trivia Edit

  • The only Goanimate User that created May that he posted the videos on Youtube was Oeboinez before NitroG & Other Users
  • May was probably named after the month

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